The Most Complete Solutions To Get Rid Of A Double Chin

I wanted to share this nice inforgraphic with the 3 main tips to get rid of a double chin. I wanted to make it nice and simple because there´s so many information out there we sometimes just need to focus on the most important things. I hope you guys like it icon smile The Most Complete Solutions To Get Rid Of A Double Chin

Double Chin The Most Complete Solutions To Get Rid Of A Double Chin

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No Pictures. I Have A Double Chin

CHILD Special Moments No Pictures. I Have A Double ChinIt always happens. That time when you´re with family, friends or colleagues and all of a sudden, picture time. You know you´re a few pounds heavier than you would like, and that doesn´t help double chin in any way. Every time people want you to take a picture there´s a huge stream of horror and nervousness going on inside your head.

Let me tell you, I totally understand how you feel. When you see those pictures somehow… all the magic of your family together, your friends and happy moments are blurred by that double chin, those fat arms or that tummy roll. I can´t believe how powerful they can turn to be. But, trust me here, the double chin is not the main problem. I can assure you that your family and friends DO want to be with them in those special moments. And even if you follow all the tips, methods, and you get the most beautiful chin in the world, those pictures, those special moments you denied to be part of because of your looks will never come back again.

This is a bit of a paradox, but the first thing you need to do to get rid of your double chin is ACCEPT IT and EMBRACE IT. I can assure you that all those insecurities that are in your head will never be how your sons, parents,brothers,sister,husband/wife think about you; they want you to be with them, and your fat is not an issue. This problem you have is giving you lots of challenges that are making you grow, so be grateful about it and accept it right now as it is. I´m not saying to become passive and let the double chin grow huge, but the more you fight it, neglect it or hate it, the harder it will be for you to get rid of it.

The next time you don´t like being photographed remember… your are the only one who´s putting the negative energy on your double chin or any other physical issue. The rest of us love you and really want you to be part of our world, of our picture….with all the fat or problems that come with you.  Remember life doesn´t wait until you lose that double chin, life continues and does not wait anyone to fix their issues, life´s happening right now and this is the ony moment you got, so embrace it and be happy about it. Your double chin will disappear eventually, following all the tips, but give it time and relax icon smile No Pictures. I Have A Double Chin

My Honest Unbiassed Review Of The Velrom Chin Wrap System:

Hey Guys!yfsas108 My Honest Unbiassed Review Of The Velrom Chin Wrap System:

In my constant fight against double chin I´ve come across countless different products and programs to rip it off my face. Today I´ll give you my personal opinion on The Velrom Chin Wrap System. I tried it a couple of months ago, and I did see some changes, but in my opinion you can still find some better treatments out there.

 How It Works:

So basically what you get when you buy The Velrom Chin Wrap System is a special gel and a wrap.  The gel works penetrating the skin and causing the lose skin cells on the chin to tighten. You have to apply the gel on your chin and use the wrap around your head for 10-20 mins. The wrap does a micromassage of the chin which enhances the elimination of epidermis cells. The price of the product is $40.90, which is a bit high in my opinion since you will have to use it constantly and maybe buy a couple of them in a few months. But if you compare it with surgery or serious medical treatments the price is much lower.


  • According to medical resources, there are no known side effects due to this product use. Maybe if you have some allergies to the components of the product you might have some problems, but that is really uncommon.
  • You get to see results  in a couple of weeks, without any other treatment.
  • Easy and fast to use, the treatment can be applied and you can go on with your day with no problems.

chin wrap 1 My Honest Unbiassed Review Of The Velrom Chin Wrap System:


  • A lot of people (I did not happen to me) complains that the wrap becomes loose pretty quickly.
  • You can lose your product if not closed properly, I had one gel unclosed for a long time and it became waxy and dry.
  • Not a complete solution to the double chin problem, it does reduce the size and makes your skin firm. But you need exercises and diets if you really want to eliminate it completely.


descarga My Honest Unbiassed Review Of The Velrom Chin Wrap System:

If your double chin problem is not severe, I can assure you this will help a lot. But this is not a miracle treatment, for bigger double chin you may not see any changes at all. It´s a good product to have, since it has no side effects, but a bit expensive in my opinion. I think we can get better results with healthy eating and focused exercises without spending any money

New Drug: ATX-101 Eliminates Submental Fat

logo kythera 250x130 New Drug: ATX 101 Eliminates Submental Fat

With all sort of treatments and expensive cures for double chin, a new company called Kythera Biopharmaceuticals has been developing a new injection which promises to eliminate chin and neck fat  in an easy and non-expensive way. According to scientists and dermatologists the initial tests of the drugs have give really promising results and it has high probabilities to be accepted as a secure method.


The name of the drug is called ATX-101, and the treatment consists of four injections that will help eliminates all the submental fat in just a few months. The drug was applied to a group of pacients and they all reported a signficant reduction in submental fat, with no worsening of the sking loseness. The pacients also reported a reduction in the psycological impact they felt due to the appearance of their face and chin. One of the problems some pacients found was a mild inflammaotry response, even though it was well tolerated by most of them.

The ATX-101 works by killing fat cells under the chin area, after the destruction, the body starts a natural healing process that involves clearing New Drug: ATX 101 Eliminates Submental Fat celular debris. The injections are applied with at least one month apart from each other. In the initial experiment, 2 different dossages and placebo were given to the pacients. The pacients that received ATX-101  had a reduction of a least 1 point in the fat-rating scale. Pacients where clearly happier with their face after the treatment.

This are some commments from Professor Berthold Rzanny, Lead Author of the ATX-101 Study:

“This study demonstrates that subcutaneous injections with ATX-101 yield a clinically meaningful and statistically significant reduction in unwanted submental fat, decrease the psychological impact on patients, and are well tolerated,”.


This might seem like a pretty good solution to the double chin problem, however I recommend to wait for more experiments and results with the drug before trying it, as it is still an experimental drugs and scientist do not guarantee any kind of bad side effect when taking the drug. As always the best solutions involve taking care of your diet, or trying natural programs and chin exercsies to eliminate this disturbing problem.


Please share your comments about this new scientific discovery, and tell us if you´ll be willing to try it or not icon smile New Drug: ATX 101 Eliminates Submental Fat





My Review on The Biotech Corporation Dermasilk Double Chin Firming Serum

As I see back on time I have realized that I went through several double chin products, some of them worked, some other don´t. I thought it would be a good idea to help you guys by reviewing all the products I have use and tell you my personal opinion on them. Today I will focus on the Biotech Corporation Dermasilk Double Chin Firming Serum. A serum that promises to remove and tone your double chin, making your skin stronger and eliminating wrinkles.doublechinfirminglarge My Review on The Biotech Corporation Dermasilk Double Chin Firming Serum

How It Works:

The product is a special formula that helps to tight and making your sagging skin firmer, after several applications you will also see improvements in skin elasticity and a reduction  on the appearance of fat deposits on the neck are. The main ingredients of the product are the following:

Aqua/Water/Eau , SD Alcohol 40 , Sodium Polystyrene Sulfonate , Butylene Glycol , Glycerin , Dimethyl MEA (DMAE) , Citric Acid , Caffeine , Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis ExtractSweet Almond , Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E) , Glaucine , Xanthan Gum , Coco Glucoside , Caprylyl Glycol , Fragrance , Phenoxyethanol , Benzyl Alcohol , Potassium Sorbate



  • Almost instant results, you´ll see a more tight and toned skin after 30 minutes of applying the product on your neck area.
  • Easy to apply, just like any other beauty product.
  • Helpful when double chin problems are really low and there´s not too much fat accumulation


  • The product does not eliminate double chin in any way. It just helps to make your skin look tighter, but no double chin elimination.
  • A bit pricey for the result you get. There are much more efficient treatments that you can get with less money.
  • Lots of people with bigger double chin complain that the product does nothing at all. So if you got a big double chin it´s definitely something you should stay away from
  • The product just claim to fight the appearance of the double chin. It does not claim to eliminate the problem, so I don´t think it is a good solution.


1 star My Review on The Biotech Corporation Dermasilk Double Chin Firming Serum


I used this product and got nothing. My double chin stood the same after several applications, I did see mi skin a little bit tighter. But the problem did not disappear at all, I cannot recommend the  Biotech Corporation Dermasilk Double Chin Firming Serum if you are looking for ways to completely eliminate double chin. If you just want to hide it and you don´t have a big double chin, it might work for you.

5 Ways to Keep You Motivated During Any Double Chin Treatment

I know how it feels when you start that new treatment and that little voice inside your head starts saying: “It won´t work….you´re wasting your time”, “You´ll never lose it”, “Get used to it”….,and so many other Girl happy main 5 Ways to Keep You Motivated During Any Double Chin Treatmentdemoralizing thoughts that can get in your way. It´s very important to be persistent in any of the treatments you are using now to get rid of double chin, and to be persistent you should stay motivated to work on your problem every day, whether it is doing some chin exercises, or applying any kind of medical treatment or special gels. So here are 5 tips to make it easier to stay motivated and finish that treatment to get rid of your double chin.

 1. Develop Control Over Yourself

Most of the times, different situations can get us to stop doing an action that will take us towards our goals. It might be lack of energy, time, a project from your job or any other thing that you may find uncomfortable. Remember always to be in control and that even though you can´t control the external world, you can always be in control of your mind and emotions.

2.You are not the only one who fails

We all fail. It is inevitable, but that does not mean that you should take it as something bad. Life is like that and these bad moments will give you more knowledge than all your successes. The important thing about failure is to keep moving forward even if it´s difficult. If you miss your exercise routine, it´s not the end of the world, don´t feel guilty. Just move on and do it tomorrow.

3.Focus on the end result during harsh times:

When we begin a long term goal, there are always days that we see everything so difficult and we feel tempted to give up. The best thing that you can do in those moments is to focus on your end result. Visualize yourself with a beautiful chin and happy with what you accomplished. This will give you the motivation to continue moving forward with your goals.

girlMotivated 5 Ways to Keep You Motivated During Any Double Chin Treatment4.Forget what people think about you:

You should always remember that you are a valuable and beautiful person, with or without a double chin. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so work on the treatment because YOU want to, not because you want people to see you as a “prettier” person. If you really apply this, you will find a lot less stressful to be in a treatment because you know that you are improving yourself because of your Self Love and Self Care, not to impress or please other people.

5.Your past does not equals your future

A lot people think that the way you´ve been in the past will make your future. In personal goals, you always have the opportunity to take a different direction in any moment of your life. So if you fail it does not mean that you will keep doing it again and again. It’s just matter of being aware of the situation and deciding to make a change in order to see different results.